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Villa Sa Licia - Rif. A.001

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Villa Sa Licia - Rif. A.001
posti letto
superficie interni
500 m2
superficie giardino
3000 m2

An important villa in the center of Porto Rotondo, projected by the Architect Gianni Gamondi. Inside a lush private park of 3,000 sqm, there is a dépendance consisting of living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The main building, perfectly restored, enjoys breathtaking views of the entire Gulf of Porto Rotondo to the island of Mortorio.

The pretty large living area overlooks a terrace and a pool surrounded by beautiful granite rocks that characterize the nature of these places.

The villa has two master bedrooms plus one guest room (with related bathrooms) as well as a suite in the dominant position with a private terrace that gives a unique view.

They outside and independent laundry and laundry area complete the property.

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