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Spiaggia Ira - Rif. A.009

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Spiaggia Ira - Rif. A.009
posti letto
superficie interni
450 m2
superficie giardino
9.000 m2
This beautiful property is located few steps from the center of Porto Rotondo and Ira Beach, completely immersed in a lush private park of about 9,000 sqm, is characterized by an exquisitely traditional style made unmistakable by the prevalent use of local stone and wood.
Enchanting the garden design with its well-defined paths, expertly enriched with evergreen plants and a generous lawn, barbecue area and outdoor dining space.
The large park surrounding the property descends to the beach, an ideal situation for boat owners who can moor comfortably in the harbor.
Inside the large living area, with comfortable separate kitchen, dining area and relaxation corner enriched by a pleasant stone wall with fireplace, opens through large windows to the covered patio, with breathtaking views across the Gulf.
The sleeping area, with its verandas facing the sea, consists of a master suite with attached open space studio and private bathroom, and three double bedrooms with en suite bathroom.
From a further terrace overlooking the sea and independent access you can access the guest area with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small kitchenette.
To the outside,  they complete the ownership two local accessories, the laundry and a large covered car park.
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