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Villa liberty con piscina e campo da tennis - RIF. V42

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Villa liberty con piscina e campo da tennis - RIF. V42
superficie giardino
6.000 m2
Amazing property in a dominating and sunny position, on the hill above Cernobbio, with a lovely view on the first basin of the lake. The villa is set in an area of 6.000 sqm, inside of which there are a swimming pool, a tennis court with dressing room, an area used for vegetable garden and equipped for barbecue, more a dependance with kitchen and bathroom. The villa, built on four levels served by an elevator, has been completely renovated with luxury finishes and particular attention. On the ground floor: wide and bright dining area, spacious kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a study and laundry room. On the first floor: master bedroom en suite with a closet and a bedroom with two single beds, a study and two bathrooms. On the second floor attic: an area reserved for guests, with a double bedroom, a lounge, a kitchen and a large bathroom. A staircase leads to the tower from which there is a fantastic panoramic view on the lake. In the basement there are the rooms used by the housekeeper and the boiler. 


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